Why Trim a Tree in Winter?

Tree trimming tipsMany people ask themselves “why trim a tree in the winter”, since there is no reason to do it. The fact is that when the tree is young it is very pliable and can be damaged quite easily. Trees are also at their best in the winter, when they are resting, but some tree care service providers will still trim a tree in the winter to make sure the tree remains healthy through the whole year. So why is this done?

A tree may be damaged by frost, and when it has a deep root system it can be damaged even more severely. Since trees have a shallow root system in the winter, tree pruning is often necessary to keep them alive. They can be damaged deep enough that the bottom of the tree is weak and may collapse if left without repair. This will damage the tree badly and could potentially cause the tree to fall and injure anyone nearby.

The cost of tree maintenance in the winter months can be expensive. Tree care professionals usually need to trim a tree in the winter, to help prevent future tree diseases. Trimming a tree not only helps to maintain its health but it is also cost effective. Winter is a time when many trees are lost to disease, and tree maintenance professionals know how to check for signs of disease so they can be treated before it is too late.

A tree service can provide tree pruning services all year round. Some tree care professionals specialize in just one type of tree. For instance, some tree service companies will only provide tree care in Washington state. If you live in Washington state and want to trim a tree, the tree service company can tell you which tree is affected by which disease. You would not be able to determine this for yourself or you wouldn’t have the knowledge to trim a tree in Washington. A tree service knows the difference between diseased and healthy trees.

Tree pruning in the winter months can be more difficult than tree care in other months. In early spring, trees are not pruned because there are no leaves on the tree to damage. However, trees tend to get sickly in the winter months, so tree service companies will likely need to trim trees in the winter months more frequently. Trees can become infected from pine beetles that eat away at the tree bark and leave unsightly wounds. They can also become infected from cold weather, wind and water damage.

The tree service company can help you determine the extent of the tree’s damage. Once your tree has been properly trimmed, you will need to protect it from further tree damage in the winter. This can include placing stakes around the tree to protect it from snowdrifts and ice, as well as using a snowplow. These tools can help to prevent your tree from becoming damaged further in the winter months. Whether you hire a tree service company to trim your tree or do it yourself, taking the time to learn about tree care techniques can help you keep your tree healthy through the harsh winter season.